How to join a club (new customer).

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*These instructions are for new customers. If you are already registered with Punt Club please see the Existing Customer instructions.

To join a club, you need to be invited by another member. The invitation may come as an email, sms or any other messaging service the member wants to use. Included will be a weblink.

  1. Click on the weblink in the invitation and you will see a page similar to the one below. (If you are already registered with Punt Club, simply click on "Login to Accept" to join.)
  2. If you aren't registered, choose from one of the 3 options on the right.
  1. Once you have chosen your sign up method, you will be promoted to supply your identity (apple ID, Facebook account or details). We will show you the process when choosing 'Email'
  2. Fill in your details and hit the Accept Invite button.

3. Click Continue


 4. Click on either "I need a Ladbrokes account" (*if you don’t already have one) OR "I already have a Ladbrokes account" (if you DO already have one). (All members need to be linked to their own Ladbrokes account). Click NEXT.


5. If you chose I already have a Ladbrokes account, you will be shown the screen below where you should enter your personal Ladbrokes username and password, then hit the ‘Log in / Link to Punt Club’ button


5. If you chose I need a Ladbrokes account, you will be shown this page. You will need to fill out the information on screen (*this will be used to verify your identity so should be valid details). 

 6. Once complete, hit the ‘Create Account’ button.

 7. Click the Return to Punt Club button. 


 7. When asked to Invite Friends - you can either invite people OR click "I’ll do this later" to skip that screen.


8. Click on your choice of payment to select it and click Next. Or, you can skip this step by selecing "I'll do this later" (you can set it up later).

  • Credit card - Visa or Mastercard or debit card with that facility (you will be promoted to enter your card details)
  • Payment from your Ladbrokes Account - transfers from your personal Ladbrokes account
  • Manual payment - will expect you to make a manual payment each period

9. You're in! You should now be on the club Dashboard where you can see the other members and club stats.


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