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How do we make a withdrawal?

If you're the club captain, hit the Club Menu and go to Club Withdrawals and tap/click on Propose a withdrawal.


On this page you can choose to withdraw 'an amount per person'* or 'a total amount'. 

Enter the amount you want to withdraw (if total amount, enter the total amount, if per member, enter the amount you want each member to receive).

Enter reason for withdrawal (optional) which is sent to your members in the withdrawal notifcation email/alert.

Hit the SUBMIT button.


You have now PROPOSED the withdrawal. No funds will be transferred until YOU hit the Process Now button (see below). Punt Club do not process the withdrawal for you.

Now is when you may need to wait for your members to approve the proposal.

  • If a member wants their share to go to the Captain's Ladbrokes account, they need to Approve the proposal. 
  • If they want it in their own Ladbrokes account, they do nothing (or hit Deny on the notification). 
  • If a member has a $0 allocation they don't need to do anything.

To the left you see the member's status

  • Green = approved
  • Blue = pending 
  • Red = denied.

To the right you see the portion of the withdrawal which is allocated to each member. 

If you need to cancel the withdrawal proposal, just hit the Cancel button top right.

Once you have the desired status for each member, you can hit the Process Now button.


To check if the money has been transferred, you can go to the Club Statement page and check the Kitty transactions.

To see who got what in an already processed withdrawal, you can check either the Club Statement (under Withdrawals) or the Club Withdrawals page.

*For 'an amount per member' withdrawal, members can only receive up to the amount they have deposited. For example, if you propose a $500 each withdrawal, but a member has contributed only $100, they will be allocated $100 in the withdrawal proposal.

**If a withdrawal transfer fails, please contact our Support Team for assistance.