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How to I change my subscription type?

Punt Club offers several subscription options; 

  1. Credit Card (Visa or MC or a debit card with either of those facilities)
  2. Ladbrokes Account transfer (pulls from your personal Ladbrokes account)
  3. Manually (will check that you have made a deposit to the club)

If you want to change your subscription from one type to another; 

  1. go to the Main Menu, 
  2. then Account Settings, 
  3. then Manage Subscriptions
  4. View your subscription
  5. Click on SWITCH METHOD
  6. Choose the type you want to change to (Credit card, Ladbrokes Account or Manually)
  7. Enter your card details (if changing to a credit card)
  8. Hit the Switch button (yellow) to save the setting

Your subscription will continue on the same schedule as before.