What is a Subscription?

1 min. readlast update: 11.14.2021

A subscription is an auto payment into your club. The amount and frequency is set at the club level by your Captain.


You can set up three types of subscriptions:

  1. Credit Card (MasterCard or VISA or debit cards with either of those facilities)
  2. Bookie Transfer (transferred from your linked bookie account)
  3. Manual (we just check that you've made a manual payment within the period)

*Credit Card and Bookie Transfer subscriptions run on a schedule and do not check for other ad hoc payments. 

If your subscription charge fails (or manual doesn't find one) we will send you a reminder notification and then try again up to twice at 48 hour periods.

If all three (3) attempts fail, we will cancel your subscription and suspend you in the club. This article will give you more details if this occurs.

How do I set up my subscription?

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