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Why have I been suspended?

Your subscription has likely failed three charges in a row OR you haven't linked a Ladbrokes account yet.

If it's your subscription, you would have been notified via email each time. This means you have been suspended and your subscription cancelled.

To return to an active state, reactivate your subscription. A successful payment will set you back to Active.

Alternatively, your Captain can change your status in the club.

*The Subscription system doesn’t check for your total contributions - it runs off a schedule and either the transfer is successful or fails. Best to choose either a subscription OR a manual transfer as your method of payment.

What do you need to do?

  1. If you haven't linked a Ladbrokes account, do that.
  2. The reactivate yourself, make a payment OR ask your Captain to do it
  3. Reactivate your subscription (if you want to keep using one).